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Links to Related Websites

Links to Related Websites

Check out these great music-related websites, organized alphabetically. (Some sites open in a new window, others don't. )

Big 4 Publishing & Copyright Licencing Websites 
Official Singer Sites & Personal Favorites 
CARMEN McRAE website - definitive website
ELLA FITZGERALD website - official Ella website
ERIC BENET website - A singer and a half!
FRANK SINATRA website - official Sinatra website
JACK JONES website - I love this guy's talent soooo much!
KURT ELLING website - Incredible singing - awesome!
OSCAR PETERSON website - official website to my favourite genius!
STEVIE WONDER website - my other favourite genius!
TONY BENNETT website -  Undoubtedly a legend.
Related Music Sites 

Google is the best way to search for any lyrics - If you search like so (include the inverted comas) "song title" + lyrics and I can guarantee you'll find what you're looking for.

CD BABY! a little CD store with the best new independent music
Fabulous website devoted to independent artists - some really awesome stuff on here.
The online US magazine for music lovers!!!!
Dress Circle - the greatest showbiz shop in the world. For CDs, Videos, DVDs, Printed Music, Books, Gifts and much much more.

"The International Songwriters Association Ltd, founded in 1967, publishes Songwriter Magazine - read by songwriters, lyricists, and music publishers throughout the world".
Jazz Discography/Jazz Reference
The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord
100 years of jazz on one CD-ROM - All you need to know about virtually any jazz record ever released.
Wonderful comprehensive site totally devoted to keyboard players and organists CD's.
Superb website with just about every major quality singer's website included!!!!
Check out - KURT ELLING!!!!!
great jazz website for everything that's cool in jazz!!
A&R tip sheet for music publishers and songwriters.
Cool website for songwriters pitching for song placement.
Great site for standards lyrics et al
The Singer's Workshop
Excellent site for singers of every genre.
check out Lis Lewis's CV!!!!!!!! Here's somebody who knows there job!!!!
the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.
Great mailing list for singers and singing teachers ; full of useful info regarding every aspect of singing.
YOU TUBE - Broadcast Yourself
Forget the incredible nonsense on here and do searches for Stevie Wonder ; Oscar Peterson ; Gladys Knight ; Ray Charles - so many wonderful clips you've never seen before! I could spend days on here.

Vocal and Performance Coach, Producer, Professional Vocalist - great CV so check her out!

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